Griffin, a wealthy, powerful man, needed a nanny to take care of his baby girl while he was handling big-time business deals. Her name is Erin, and she's pretty much the perfect candidate for the gig. She's kind, warm-hearted, and the kiddo really likes her. Oh, and one more thing: she's insanely beautiful, with body curves to die for and full lips to dream of.

It took the man one look at her to instantly realize she's not just another employee - she's so much more than that. Sounds a bit selfish? Probably, but Griffin doesn't really care, as long as his adorable child is happy and he gets what he wants. Coming back home from work and kissing Erin like it's the last time they'll ever see each other - that's what he wants, that's what the big-time businessman thinks about all day long.

Obviously, he can tell that she loves the extra attention he's giving her and is great at teasing him here and there, making his bright mind fantasize about all kinds of nasty and naughty things. One thing leads to another, and Griffin proposes to her. Erin says yes, and now she's his beautiful virgin bride. At the same time, she's hiding something from her man, something huge, and it might just ruin the perfect life that they're trying to create with each other.

Will she be able to trust Griffin enough to open up to him completely? If not, everything will be lost. Virgin Bride is one of those dirty and sexy romantic/erotic novels that come with sizzling-hot scenes and foul language that only adds to the picture. If you're 18+ and love panty-melting books, B. B. Hamel's latest bestseller will be right up your alley.

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