Piper used to share a room with her roommate, but with the girl gone, she's kinda struggling with the rent. What's she going to do when the landlord comes around asking for the cold-hard cash? Piper is already thinking about her next move after the guy evicts her, but, to her surprise, he makes her an offer: she can keep that room for as long as she wants, but only if she agrees to be his fake fiancé.

He claims his dear old momma will be happy to see her son with the girl of his dreams. The man's name is Raphael, and he's pretty much the best-looking young billionaire that Piper has ever seen in the real world. His dashing green eyes are calling to her, making her modest mind think of all kinds of dirty things.

She's got a fire burning deep inside, and a gentleman like Raph is exactly what she needs to embrace that desire. So, long story short, Piper agrees to his proposition and gets to stay in her old room. At the same time, this isn't a real thing, and she simply can't let herself fall for this perfect guy, as she'll end up with a broken heart (and no place to stay).

Men like Raphael don't pick girls like Piper - that just doesn't happen. Well, that's what she keeps telling herself in an attempt to clear her head from the noisy thoughts and naive dreams. But what if the golden boy is falling for her? Could it be possible for an insanely rich man to find a regular (and penniless) young woman worth his while? Virgin Fiancée is a full-length, hot, steamy and naughty romantic novel that comes with a standard, but well-written plot, a fine cast of characters and a great sense of humor.

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