If you love naughty and passionate erotic novels for the ladies, then you most certainly know who Penny Wylder is. She's pretty much the modern-day Queen of the genre and keeps delivering steaming-hot bestsellers on a regular basis. The story follows Cassidy, a regular college student, a virgin.

She's a modest, humble and pure human being, but, when she first lays eyes on her roommates - two big, bulky and super-handsome fellas - she already knows that it's gonna be a hot semester this year. Tony and Vin are the sexiest men she's ever seen, and it's clear that they both want her. So, how does she pick? They're both extremely attractive! Hey, what about a threesome - could be awesome, right?

Thoughts like that keep popping up in her pretty little head and make her fantasize about them in the dirtiest and filthiest ways. The boys aren't fighting each other to "take" her - they are more than comfortable with sharing. At the end of the day, college is all about learning your own body and being open to all kinds of new experiences, so, a little bit of fooling around won't hurt anyone.

Cassidy really needs to study if she doesn't want to be expelled, but how can she focus on those books when she's got two "Greek Gods" walking around and teasing her? She keeps telling herself that it's not worth it, but, when they press her against the wall in the dorm, the whole world turns upside down - in a good way...Virgin in the Middle is yet another mighty bestseller from the legendary Penny Wylder. It's sexy, naughty, romantic and funny, which makes it perfect for a getaway read.

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