Virgins: An Outlander Novella by Diana Gabaldon

Virgins-Diana-GabaldonIt is prequel novella of Outlander series. Jamie Fraser is a young man in it. By the end of the book, the hero will gain the courage he will need in the future. Not fully recovering after father's death and deeply injured at the blades of the English, the main character goes to a group of mercenaries and eventually find Ian Murray. He is his old friend and both are severely injured.

They decided to stay in the French countryside for some time. Both yang men are virgins. They had few opportunities to have sex with deferent whores, but every time something stops them. Jamie Fraser lives a simple life and it is becoming more difficult when a Jewish doctor bought him and his friend to bring some priceless cargo to the capital of France.

One of this treasures is Jewish man's amazing daughter. She is destined for a marriage, what has arranged a while ago. Jamie Fraser and his friend have an instant interest in the future bride. The even lost any cautious in the love game. The should know better idea who they are dealing with.

As any other Outlander series representative, the Virgins novella is filled with suspense and great adventure in Middle Ages setting. Read and enjoy this magnificent work.

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