Gavin is a billionaire, and he's used to living that luxurious life and always getting whatever and whenever he wants. He's been through a lot and has seen a lot, which means he doesn’t get excited or turned on easily. But Sadie is different. She's special, and it takes him one look at her to know that he wants to own her in the most sexual ways possible.

She's got the most amazing smile on planet Earth and a curvy body to go crazy for. Oh, and one more thing: she's a virgin, which makes Gavin's craving for her that much stronger. She has no experience in bed whatsoever, and it's gonna be the billionaire's pleasure to teach her all the right "moves". Soon, he learns that she's not just a regular girl, but the daughter of Mr. Tillman, a powerful and influential man.

Now, the old guy is not a big fan of strong-willed and self-made fellas like Gavin. And, he's confident that nobody can own his baby girl, but that's where he's wrong. Gavin is not one of those fancy slash shallow rich boys - he single-handedly built his empire from the ground up, and he's got the attitude of a predator. Besides, he did pay for her, and now nothing can stop him from enjoying his prey.

Tillman can and will try to stop this; yet, it's all pointless. Gavin is the new big daddy for Sadie, and there's no going back from that. Virgin's Daddy in a sultry, steamy and smutty erotic novel with just the right amount of romance, hot sex scenes, and bad language. A big, bad daddy versus an innocent virgin: what are the odds? If you love standalone bestsellers that entertain you on every new page, make sure to grab B. B. Hamel's latest masterpiece!

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