Viva la Madness: A Novel

viva-la-madnessThe Get Carter of the 2000s, Layer Cake was made into a highly praised film starring Daniel Craig and Sienna Miller. Now Connolly is back with a sequel filled with his trademark dark humor, razor-sharp dialogue, and quick-fi re violence.

In Viva la Madness the anonymous hero of Layer Cake is stranded in the Caribbean, itching for the gangster life he left behind--but he's still a wanted man back home. Soon he joins forces with two robust London criminals: the menacing Sonny King and his paranoid partner Roy "Twitchy" Burns. From the beach to an urban underworld, Viva la Madness moves to trans-Atlantic drug deals and high-tech electronic fraud, portrayed with the same uncanny believability. A dazzling combination of London low-life and Caribbean high-life, readers will find this antihero's voice authentic and whiplash inducing in equal shares.

This is the second installment of J.J. Connolly's depiction of the life and times of his nameless criminal protagonist. Instead of enjoying his hard earned retirement as chronicled in L4YER CAKE he finds himself caught up in a multi-continental mess that spins from South America to London.

The cast ranges from underground hackers to little old ladies who dispose of bodies as a sideline. Very few people are who they seem to be and those that are can be found in unlikely alliances with others. Through all the confusion the author moves the action along at a brisk and exciting pace. Everything takes place in a world of madness that somehow makes a terrible sense.

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