Vivian's List

vivians-listAfter ending a horrible, scarring relationship, Vivian embraces her freedom by making a bucket list. When her brother's best friend, Liam, finds it, sparks fly and hearts open.

Can Vivian heal one steamy encounter at a time?

This is a very nice, feel good love story. Vivian is a young, independent and kind hearted woman. She is in a horrible relationship with a man named Brody. I don't know that I've ever disliked a character as much as him. He disrespects her, verbally abuses her and is just down right mean. Vivian only sees that he loves her. She takes his possessiveness as a term of endearment. She doesn't see the abuse, she only sees a relationship.

In walks Liam, her older brothers childhood best friend. He is tall, dark and gorgeous with a body to die for. Liam is in the Army and on leave. He is staying at Vivian's house to help her with the lawn, the pool maintenance, repairs, you name it. He promised her brother that he would look after her. After all ... They all grew up together.

Liam sees the way that Vivian is treated and doesn't like it one bit. He tries telling Viv that she is being abused and deserves better. Since Vivian doesn't see it, she fails to accept it. This alone breaks Liam's heart, because his mother went through the same thing.

After a huge blow up with Brody, who calls her sexually rigid ... Vivian makes a list. A sexual list that she vows she will complete. As she is off in her bedroom trying to cross off an "adventure", Liam walks in on her. He walks away and into the living room, and he comes across this list. Knowing how much he cares for her (and possibly loves her), he agrees that he shall be the one to help her complete her list.

The two embark on a wonderful journey of love and lust. They find solace in one another. A very beautifully written story, with erotic touches. Thank you for a great read Haleigh Lovell. You have made sex into a great story

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