voyage-of-the-sable-venus-by-robin-coste-lewisRobin Coste Lewis, a truly gifted author, delivers a fascinating debut poetry book that received international praise for being refreshing, honest, provocative and quite touching. Voyage of the Sable Venus is a mighty collection of poems that meditates on subjects like race, nationality, sexual orientation, love, desire, hope and faith. Lewis created a unique, authentic journey through time, a gripping trip down memory lane. This is a deeply personal, inspiring study of discrimination, hate, stereotypes and everything else in between.

The author talks about the figure of a black female in history and art and tries to figure out when and where it all began. A few centuries back, or maybe a few millenniums back? And what role did the sculptors, artists, and writers play in all this? Voyage of the Sable Venus is like a declaration of love, or, rather, love confession - Lewis speaks about her admiration with her race, culture, and the love, beauty, and inspiration that comes from it.

At the same time, she talks about her own life story, her experiences and what she had to deal with, offering us a complex-yet-revealing point of view on race, color, desires, and dreams. Voyage of the Sable Venus is a fundamental book, a thorough exploration of the subject and a very addictive, outright and candid collection of poems.

The greatest thing about Lewis's book is that she's not trying to change the way we understand history and race. No, it's just an evocative, experimental, riveting adventure that could very well be the most amazing experience you've had in years. The author created a powerful, haunting, creative collection of poetry that's a must-have in any collection!

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