Asking the right questions is the key to greatness, and true wisdom can only be achieved if we - the regular men and women - learn the art behind it. Wait, What? is an absolute must-have if you're struggling with the same problems as millions of folks around the world. Answering those hard-boiled questions is just as important as asking them, and James E. Ryan is here to help you do that properly.

This man is a Dean at Harvard, which means he knows a thing or two about the "craft" behind handling questions. In this book, he shares that every time he gets together with his students in the classroom, they spend way too much energy and time on finding the right answers, but the truth is - you can't look for an answer before you're 100% happy with the question. Asking a wrong question will most definitely lead to receiving the wrong answer, and that's a road to nowhere.

A good question is the first and the most important step towards inspiring yourself and/or the person you're speaking with to come up with the right answer. That is how you understand each other better and form connections with people instead of just running your mouth for days without saying something that truly matters.

The wise men of all ages, nationalities, and creed have been working tirelessly on mastering the art of asking and answering the right questions, and Wait, What? is like the quintessence of all those studies and experiments. In business, giving the right answers to the right questions is the key to success; same goes for the daily routine. The bottom line is - if you want to be a successful, engaging, convincing person, James E. Ryan's latest bestseller will be of great help to you.

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