wake-in-winter-by-nadezhda-belenkayaLadies and gentlemen, please welcome Wake in Winter, a deep, powerful, emotionally-charged novel by Nadezhda Belenkaya, a gifted Russian writer. Nina, the main character of the book, is struggling to pay her graduate program at the most prestigious university in Moscow. So, naturally, when they offer her a part-time job of translating for Spanish couples who want to adopt orphans from a small-time town in Russia, she gladly agrees.

Where else would she get a chance to fix her financial problems? Furthermore, she's not only doing it for the money: this job is a wonderful opportunity for the girl to use her knowledge to lend that helping hand to those in need. However, pretty soon she realizes that she dragged herself into a terrifying world that you can't escape from.

She finds out that in most cases international adoption is not at all a humanitarian act, but rather a harsh, brutal business. But it's too late for her. Is she strong enough to stay alive in this corrupted world of exploitation and help the poor kids? Or maybe it's time for her to drop everything and run back to her old life? But how can she leave the children behind? Who will take care of them then?

Wake in Winter is a brilliant novel about a regular girl who's got a terrible choice to make: put her own life in danger and try to do the right thing, or leave everything behind and forget she even saw this gruesome part of the world. The story is gripping, thrilling and heart-wrenching. Yes, it's pretty complex, but you won't be able to put it down, even if you've never been a fan of the genre. Nadezhda Belenkaya's debut novel is both shocking and riveting, which makes it a 100% must-have!

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