War and Peace

graf-Leo-Tolstoy-war-and-piace-epub-mobiThe story written by Leo Tolstoy begins in 1805 when the Napoleon Bonaparte occupied Austria. Russia did not like plans of the France emperor to expand his land more because it is in ally of Austria. Some years later a treaty was signed at Tilsit. Some years later Napoleon's army invaded Russia Empire. But his plans never become a reality. Franch army reduced from 600 thousand of soldiers to roughly 60 thousand of solders. Napoleon Bonaparte run from the capital of Russia (he had taken Moscow several months earlier) as fast as he could. When Bonaparte escapes frozen lands of Russia he even left thousands of his soldiers behind.

War and Peace it is not the story of great battles only. It also the story about live Russian noble families. The novel includes biographies of the Rostovs, the Bezukovs, and the Bolkonskys. So you will find undercover of this thick book a lot of love and romance, joy and hatred, and many other fillings. The writer creates a very beautiful and difficult web of events, which mixes events of the great European history with the everyday life of noble people.

War and Peace – it is that rare kind of book when you will enjoy every page of it. It is not only the fiction novel. It is based upon historical facts. What to know about the lunacy of Russian and other rulers of the 19th century? Want to see the madness of wars in all its scarry glory? If you say yes, the War and Peace novel will suits you well.

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