War-Hawk-By-James-RollinsJames Rollins has more than a few bestselling series in the making right now, and if you're a fan of that whole action-adventure political-thriller genre, War Hawk will be a perfect book for you this year. Tucker, an ex-Army head, and his trusty dog named Kane, are drawn into an international disaster that threatens to demolish the very foundation of democracy in the United States of A, and there's not much they or anybody else can do.

The man's present and the past come together when a buddy from the Rangers asks him for help. It's a girl, and she's trying to escape from a group of lethal killers who want to put her and her kiddo down. Obviously, a true American hero like Tucker simply can't leave this family alone, so, he puts his heart and mind into helping them survive this wild witch hunt.

Now, in order to do that, he'll have to figure out who murdered a genius-level idealist. Soon, he'll discover that the government's elite had a big part in it and that you can't trust even the president himself. The mystery will take the heroes back to WW2 and make them travel from the States all the way to Trinidad.

On this quest, Wayne will learn what it truly means to be a soldier and that doing the right thing is more important than the call of duty. He's caught between left and right, and it's up to him to make the right choice. The Ranger will bend the law (multiple times), reveal big-time international coups to the public, and put his own life on the line just to put an end to a psycho's evil plans. The country's very future is at stake, and if Tucker and Kane fail to bring the corrupt folks at the top down, nothing will stop the madmen from destroying everything they hold dear.

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