way-station-by-clifford-d-simakWhen it comes to aliens, invasions, and post-apocalyptic stories, Mr. Clifford D. Simak is one of the greatest writers of our time. He always comes through with gripping, thrilling novels that raise the bar for science fiction. Enoch, the main character of Way Station, is a strange fella: he's living the life of a loner in the American backwoods, and never leaves home without his trusty 19th-century rifle.

And one more thing: he doesn't seem to age - ever - which is pretty weird. The government officials know about this fact and try to figure it all out "from afar". As it soon turns out, this man is the one and only survivor of the Civil War in the US, and he's been roaming these woods for about a century, opening and closing a portal for the aliens who use Earth as a teleport towards other planets and stars.

The guests have blessed him with immortality and enormous knowledge, but it's actually quite hard to keep it all to himself and to know that his race is heading towards imminent devastation. Fortunately, there is still hope for mankind, a cure that might as well destroy what's left of our civilization. So, will Enoch be able to lead humanity to salvation, or maybe it's time for him to abandon this planet and leave it to die?

Way Station is an award-winning bestseller that will be appreciated by the fans of the genre. Mr. Clifford D. Simak created a sharp, riveting, un-put-down-able book that will hook you up with brilliant writing, a great story and a narrative full of action, drama and everything else in between. This is Simak at his very best, so, if love science fiction, this book is highly recommended!

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