Wayfarer-By-Alexandra-BrackenAlexandra Bracken, the brilliant author of Passenger, a best-selling science fiction novel, is back with a brand-new gift for the fans. Please, welcome Wayfarer, a gripping, thrilling and fast-paced time-travel story with a few twists and turns to keep you hooked up. Etta had no idea about her secret super-powers until one day she "jumped" months and miles away from her lovely dwelling.

But now she doesn't have the mighty object anymore, and it was pretty much her one and only chance at protecting her mom. The girl is stranded in the middle of nowhere - once again - and is torn between her time and the 18th century where Nick, the love of her life, is waiting for her. Soon, she confronts the travelers-thieves who snatched the amulet from her and focuses on destroying that thing for good and finishing what she started a while ago.

However, Hemlock, the clique's leader, blows her away with an impossible revelation: the man is her dad! So, Etta begins to question everything she's ever believed in and all those things that she swore she would fight for. The girl is going through a rough patch, and it's up to her to choose the right path and stick with the right side in this quest. Her own future is at stake.

At the same time, Nick, still hurt by his girlie's disappearance into thin air, taps Sophia and a green mercenary to trace her and find that magical object. On their journey, they stumble upon an ancient evil, a power that's got only one goal: to destroy the timeline - once and forever, trapping everybody inside their current time zones. Alexandra Bracken wrote a captivating, exciting and meticulously-detailed novel, a fascinating journey through time. Grab a copy of Wayfarer if you love science fiction and time travel!

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