Ways to Disappear by Idra Novey

Ways-to-Disappear-2-by-Idra-Novey-epub-mobi-fb2Ways to Disappear is a debut novel of Idra Novey, an amazing blend of mystery, noir, humor and romance. It is a story of a disappearance of a famous Brazilian writer Beatriz Yagoda. The young woman turns her life upside down trying to follow a trail of the vanished woman.

The Beatriz Yagoda was last seen when she is climbing the tree. She was holding a suitcase and abruptly disappear. She vanished in the air.

She flies from snowy Pittsburgh to Brazil and in the heat of Rio de Janeiro, she tries to solve the mystery of writer's vanishing. The children of Yagoda tries to help her.

Idra Novey is a USA poet, translator. She writes novels too. Idra Novey is the author poetry books such as Exit, Civilian, and The Next Country.

With each paragraph, the reader sank further into the words and voice of Idra Novey began to rise. And finally, there is amazing ending of this beautiful book. It has so fast pace that many chapters are no longer than a page long. It is like a steady march to the end of the book.

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