welcome-to-wonderland-by-chris-grabensteinChris Grabenstein, the world-acclaimed author and co-author of international bestselling books for the kids, is back with a super smart, funny and entertaining series that comes with awesome pictures and hilarious notes on the ridiculous stuff that can happen when you spend your days and nights in a motel. Welcome to Wonderland's main character, Wilkie, an 11-year-old boy, is probably the greatest storyteller in the neighborhood.

And he knows that one thing is absolutely certain - the Wonderland Motel is the most amazing place that a child could ever live in! The facts speak for themselves: you've got a snack machine, tons of ice-cream, and even a huge alligator (well, that might not be entirely true). However, there's one big problem with the motel, and that's the complete lack of customers.

The thing is - if it doesn't magically get a bunch of those soon, Wilkie and Gloria, his best friend, would have to leave the motel without a chance to ever go back to it. So, they need to come up with a genius plan, ASAP. It needs to be big, and it needs to be crazy enough to work. Fortunately, Wilkie is as outrageous as they come, and Gloria is a real pro in business. The friends have the boy's famous storytelling wit and awesome character and the girl's brilliant mind. Together, they've got all the necessary "tools" to do what's necessary to save Wonderland.

Chris Grabenstein did it again, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Wonderland is as funny, smart and entertaining as the best children's books in history, and it's only the first chapter, so, if you, like countless other parents around the world, enjoyed reading it with your children, rest assured that the second chapter is right around the corner.

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