were-all-damaged-by-matthew-normanAndy, the main character of We're All Damaged, a brand-new bestseller by Mr. Matthew Norman, used to be a happy man. He had a good job that allowed him to pay the bills and live a nice, quiet American life. However, when his beloved wife left him to be with a good-looking paramedic from around the corner, his whole world came crashing down.

So, Andy lost his solid job, ruined the wedding of his closest friend and moved to NY to start a new life, away from all those painful memories. Now, he's struggling to get by and lives in a small apartment with a scary cat that's not even his. But soon, he needs to go back to the place where he was originally from - Omaha - to give his dying grandfather a hug and say a proper goodbye. At the same time, he can't avoid a confrontation with his ex-wife, her new man, his parents' marriage that's breaking down and his best friend that still can't forgive Andy for what he did back in the day.

Yes, he's got a lot on his plate, but that's all nothing compared to what he "encounters" while staying in his hometown: he meets a dashing girl who comes with 15 tattoos, her own set of problems from the past and no money in her pockets. Strangely enough, she claims that she's the one and only woman in the world who can make Andy believe in love, the greater good and happiness again.

But, she's hiding a big secret that could potentially ruin it all. Regardless, Andy is in serious need of a second chance in this world, and Daisy might just be his one and only key to a bright future. We're All Damaged is an insightful, heart-warming and insanely funny novel by Matthew Norman, one of the greatest writers of our time.

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