Kane is one of those cocky and haughty men that are full of themselves. At least, that's what he looks like with that smirk, that bulky body and that "I don't give a f*ck" attitude. He's a surfer, and the ladies constantly fall for his bad-boy charm. He considers himself to be a pro when it comes to pleasuring the ladies, and they always leave his bed satisfied.

At the same time, he went through something terrifying a while ago and now he can't trust a girl - like really really trust and confide in. He's not looking for love - just one-night stands. However, when Meadow, a walking-talking sex machine, walks into his bar, she instantly grabs his attention. There's something about this young woman that drives him nuts. She makes him do all the wrong and crazy things that he’d never do for an ordinary girl

Meadow, in turn, is going through a rough patch: after she broke up with her cheating hubby, love is the last thing on her mind. She's trying to make some money and stand strong on both feet. So, she's not really interested in the bar owner that keeps pushing it. But that doesn't matter for Kane because once he's got his eyes on the prize, he's not going to back down until he gets it.

He simply can't let a femme fatale like that get away without at least showing her what he's capable of. Is this just another fling destined end as soon as it starts, or maybe Kane is starting to fall for this gorgeous and charismatic hussy? Chance Carter is known for his engaging writing, exciting plots, well-developed, thought-through characters and the dirtiest sex scenes in the genre. If that's exactly what you like in a romantic/erotic novel, make sure to check Wet out!

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