Rob Bell is one of the most prominent writers of our time, and he's got a couple of mighty bestsellers behind his back. This time around, the man talks about The Bible and shows us, the regular readers, that it's more important to the human race than ever before. This book is just as relevant, revolutionary and incredibly revelatory as thousands of years ago.

And, he gives us a fresh, exciting new look at the centuries-old texts to help us better understand it and use their enormous potential in our day-to-day lives. In his previous book, Bell was not afraid to ask serious questions about love, faith, our destiny, fate, and the Heavens. This time around, he's finally ready to talk about the Bible and share his insights.

This is our most sacred book to ever be published, and Mr. Bell did a great job of providing us with answers to the biggest questions and helping us better understand that it is, indeed, the book of all books and that it's playing an essential role in our lives. Now, instead of reviewing the Bible as a collection of "messages" by God, Bell tries to reveal the ordinary human beings that decided to put the various stories in the book.

Ask yourself: Why did they pick these exact words, these exact stories? What's so important about them? What was going on in the world back then, and how did it help them better understand what God wanted them to do? That way, by asking these important questions, you'll better understand the Bible and find better uses of it in your life. Inspiration, motivation, and guidance is what this world needs right now and books like What Is The Bible give us the necessary knowledge and wisdom to be better, stronger, and happier.

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