Lorelei James is back with a brand-new series, ladies, and gentlemen, and What You Need is the first bestselling installment. Brady is the CFO of a mighty company, which makes him a powerful, influential and rich man. At the same time, being the head honcho of an international mogul is not an easy job and it takes all of his time: he works 80 hours a week!

The man has no time for his private life, and that's when his bruvs decide to trick him into going to a nightclub to relax a bit and have a good time. Brady does enjoy his time at the noisy club, but when he sees Lennox, the strict, insanely sexy blonde from the office who he's been fantasizing about for months, everything changes. Back in the day, this girl used to be a rebel, a feisty little thing; these days, she's hiding her true identity behind conservative office clothes and a charming smile.

And she knows all too well that fooling around with the boss at work is not really a good idea. But, when the man notices her in the bar having some fun, she decides to leave that big, beautiful brain of hers behind and dares Brady to follow her example. Sparks start to fly between the two, and that makes it almost impossible to keep their hands off each other at the office.

She's the only woman in years who makes him feel alive and happy again; yet, he still can't shake the feeling that the girl is simply using him for something. As for Lennox, she must understand why the boss is flirting with her: is it because of her bad-girl attitude, or is there something more? What You Need combines romance with erotica to deliver a smart, funny, exciting and super-sexy story for the fans of happy endings.

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