The Bureau comes knocking on Suzanne's door and searches both her house and her man's office. Glenda is going through a rough patch with her sex life. Carrie is left all alone in this world and if forced to carry on without her husband. These three women have been with their gentlemen for many years, but now they will have to accept the new reality and learn to live their lives without a strong shoulder to rely on.

Is it possible for them to love and to be loved again? And what about happiness? How can you get over something like that and still find strength in yourself to let someone new in? They are barely holding it together, and their ever-strong friendship is pretty much the only thing that's keeping them sane.

Furthermore, it's giving the ladies hope for a bigger, brighter, happier future. These brave women gave each other a promise to never lose faith and to always "hit the road". There's so much more in stores for them, but, in order to find new meaning in their shattered lives, Suzanne and her friends need to fight with the pain of the past and deal with the matters at hand.

Will they be able to overcome all the difficulties on the way and prove that there's always a possibility for happiness? Sheryl Fawcett created a wonderful romantic drama with a brilliant cast of lovely characters, a real-world, down-to-Earth story, and an uplifting message. Love is always in the books for us - we just gotta be brave enough to let it in. If you love to read about strong, resilient and tough women that try to find their place in an ever-changing and ever-challenging world, When Least Expected should be on your list of must-haves!

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