when-the-sea-turned-to-silver-by-grace-linIf you appreciate unique, full-color illustrated and exciting fantasy stories to enjoy with your kids, make sure to check Grace Lin out. She's an award-winning and bestselling author of children's books with a wonderful sense of humor, a great cast of characters and stories full of adventures and thrill. When the Sea Turned to Silver is heavily based on Chinese folklore, which automatically means it's pretty special for the readers in the US and Europe.

Pinmei is a little girl whose grandma is the most amazing storyteller in the whole world - she always shares them with the whole neighborhood and the other villages. They live in peace and love, until one day the Emperor's soldiers take the grandma away. It's no secret that the Emperor is looking for something called the Luminous Stone.

So, Pinmei hopes that if she manages to find it, she'll get her grandmother back. And that's why she embarks on a dangerous journey into the world of unknown. She's not alone in this quest - Yishan follows her on every step of the way. He's got his own secrets, and, overall, he's a mysterious boy. Together, the kids will have to overcome numerous struggles and find the Stone before all hope is lost.

Will Pinmei be able to save her grandma from the Emperor's wrath? Read the book and find out! When the Sea Turned to Silver is a dynamic, fast-paced adventure book that comes with fascinating illustrations and a wonderful story. As far as books for kids go, this is a true masterpiece. Don't miss out on a chance to have the time of your lives with your children! Grace Lin is the goddess of adventures, and that means fun is absolutely guaranteed!

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