where-the-sidewalk-ends-by-shel-silversteinWhere the Sidewalk Ends is a near-legendary collection of poems and drawings for the little ones, and it's been around for more than 4 decades! So, that's a wonderful occasion for "reviving" and celebrating one of the greatest poetry books by Mr. Shel Silverstein. It's funny, insightful and educational, which makes it perfect for your kids. Welcome to a magical world created by the author's beautiful mind, where ordinary boys transform into TVs and girls eat whales.

And, there's a living-breathing Unicorn, a lady that refused to take the trash out, and other mystical and weird creatures. In this reality, you're supposed to wash your shadow every morning and folks plant their diamond gardens like it's nothing. Oh, and don't be frightened when you see an alligator talking to a dentist - he's only there to take care of his teeth.

Finally, shoes in this place are allowed to fly, and people don't seem to have hate and anger inside of them. By the way, the critics really love Where the Sidewalk Ends and constantly include it into all kinds of top-10s for children. The poems are exceptional, and the original drawings are very much appreciated by the kids and their parents.

The author has a brilliant sense of rhythm and rhyme, which allows him to create the greatest poems you've ever read - as a kid, of course. This man has been writing exceptional children's books for pretty much his whole life and he always manages to create breath-taking worlds that encourage the kids to believe in magic and in mysterious places. Hands down, if you want your boys and girls to grow into smart, witty and curious teenagers, this book will be of great help.

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