where-we-belong-by-emily-giffinEmily Giffin has a number of mighty bestsellers behind her back, and Where We Belong is definitely one of her greatest novels to date. This is a beautiful story of 2 women, their beloved families and the unbreakable bond of love and loyalty. Marian, one of the main characters of the book, is 36-years-old and her life is pretty much perfect. She's living in NY and is doing what she loves. Her career is booming, and she's got a handsome man by her side.

So, everybody in the city, including herself, believes that Marian is living the dream life and enjoying her spot under the sun. However, one night, someone knocks on her door - it's Kirby, an 18-years-old girl who holds a key to her past that she thought would never come back to haunt her. It's safe to say that Kirby brings devastation into Marian's life, and the moment she opens the door, her ideal world starts to collapse.

Memories from the past threaten to destroy everything that she so carefully built: the ghost of a passionate love affair from the past is determined to ruin Marian's own identity. And what about Kirby, the young girl? What does she have to gain from all of this? Is she determined to destroy Marian, or maybe she's running away from her own demons?

One thing is for sure: This journey will forever change her - make her re-evaluate herself, her family, and the life that she thought she'd have. So, the two ladies join forces to find the most important thing in their lives. Where We Belong is a catchy, thrilling, highly emotional novel that will get you excited from the very first page. Emily Giffin sure does know how to write resonating stories!

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