where-we-belong-by-catherine-ryan-hydeCatherine Ryan Hyde is a brilliant, insightful writer with a great storytelling gift. She's known for creating multi-layered, full-bodied characters, amazing plots, and "packing" her novels with a unique atmosphere that hooks the readers up. Angie, a 14-year-old girl, and her mother are doing everything in their power to stay afloat and not become homeless.

The teenager has a little sis - Sophie - and she's suffering from autism. Plus, she shrieks all the time, driving her family crazy. So, no matter where they end up, home is always somewhere down the road. They are all alone, with no helping hand or any big hopes for the future. Currently, the trio is simply trying to survive in this harsh reality. Well, not quite: soon, they move in with Aunt Vi, and that's when the real changes start to happen.

There's a big scary dog in the neighborhood that Sophie becomes friends with in the blink of the eye. And that's when Angie sees the light at the end of the tunnel. The screaming stops, the drama stops. Finally, the girls get a chance to breathe, enjoy the day and have a good night's sleep. However, when Paul, the dog's owner, moves away and takes it with him the suffering comes back.

Vi forces the family to leave the house, and the girls' mother decides to go after the black dog. Angie befriends the grumpy chap who's 50 years older than her. Actually, he's the first real friend that she ever had. The things is - she's a homosexual girl, always has been, and he's the only one she can confide in. Paul also has a dream, and he shares it with her. But soon, Angie will have to make a decision that will change everything...

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