Where-Willows-Grow-By-Kim-Vogel-SawyerThe best-selling Heart of the Prairie series has been around for quite a while now, and Where Willows Grow is the 10th chapter in this lovely franchise. This is a heart-aching and heart-warming story about simple folks who are trying to do the right thing and find happiness in this harsh world that we're all livin' in.

Anna Mae, the main character of the book, wants to trust her husband completely, but she just can't shake the feeling that something's wrong and that he's not telling her the whole truth about his new gig with WPA. He claims they’re building a modern-day castle, but come on - in Kansas? He promised her that he'll work on that behemoth only long enough to make some money that will allow 'em to stay on the farm. However, the money hasn't reached her yet, and the woman is starting to worry that her man might be gone - for good, this time.

Harley is a simple fella, with no extra need in luxuries or anything like that. No, he just really loves his family - his beautiful wife and two adorable girls. He was going through a rough patch financially and needed to do something ASAP. Otherwise, everything he's worked for all those years would be gone. So, when the job with the government became available, he instantly hopped on that, even though that meant not seeing his fam for at least a while.

Anna was mad as hell when he sold the mules, kissed her goodbye and went straight out of that door. And now all he wants is for her to send him a little note saying the girls are alright and they're waiting for him to come back...Where Willows Grow is a beautifully written, moving, thought-provoking novel with characters that you'll instantly fall in love with.

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