Morgan is one of those sweet, innocent girls that don't belong in sultry and dirty clubs like Duchess, but that's exactly where she ends up after her constant struggle with finding a place where she belongs. She had a big dream - to become a great violinist - but now she's just trying to find meaning in her life.

Anthony, a handsome, influential stranger, seems to be just the right man to put her back on track, but she could never expect to get into such a turbulent rollercoaster. And one more thing: she's a virgin, which means she has no experience in bed whatsoever. Anthony becomes her mentor, the first man she has sex with and someone who shows her the way towards salvation and emancipation. Punishment and pleasure go hand-in-hand, and if she behaves and turns into an obeying pet, he'll open her heart and soul to the true meaning, the essence of pleasure.

However, there is a tiny catch: Duchess is not just a regular BDSM club, and its residents have quite a peculiar fetish - they like to watch young girls f*ck, and they'll be hearing her every moan, see the expression on her face when she's being punished and learn of every little sexual secret she has. Is Morgan ready for such a "relationship" with Anthony?

While They Watch is not a regular romantic novel with a light plot, funny moments and a 100% happy ending. The dynamic duo of Sosie Frost and Lana Grayson created a dark, twisty and insanely sexy erotic story that explores exhibitionism, BDSM, and just how far a girl can go in her naughty and smutty fantasies. If you're not into all that dark stuff, this novel might not be your cup of tea. On the other hand, if that's exactly why turns you on, While They Watch is a must-have for you!

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