whispers-on-the-wind-by-caroline-fyffeWhispers on the Wind is the fifth novel in the best-selling and award-winning Prairie Hearts series by none other than Caroline Fyffe, a brilliant writer. Her books are always full of heart, wit, and romance, and this one is no exception. Welcome to 1883, ladies and gentlemen! America is just trying to become a world leader in terms of technology, and the simple folks are trying to make an honest living for themselves.

Tabitha, the main character of the book, arrives in Logan Meadows with a "mission": to open a bookshop. That's been her dream for as long as she can remember, and she hopes that business will be booming. However, Tabitha soon realizes that she chose the wrong town, as it's full of ignorant cowboys and gangsters who never really cared about books or what they represent.

So, that means turning her newly-opened bookshop into a commercially successful story will be a real challenge. Besides, when the owner of the saloon in the neighborhood gets a new partner, the girl falls in love with him pretty much the second she sees him, even though deep inside she knows that he's not the right man for her. Hunter Wade is not used to staying for long in one place, as he's been guiding folks across the prairie for as long as he can remember.

At the same time, he invested a substantial amount of money into the saloon, and he's planning on making a huge profit off of it, even if that means constant confrontations with the beautiful and smart woman who owns the bookstore. Whispers on the Wind is a brilliant western romance that will grab your attention with a wonderful cast of characters, a great sense of humor and an amazing story.

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