Whistlestop-By-John-DickersonIf you're a fan of politics and want to learn everything there is to know about the most defining moments in the history of presidential campaigns in the United States, then John Dickerson is your man. It goes without saying that the stakes are super-high for the presidential candidates. These people have only one goal in mind - to convince the nation that they should put their faith in them, and not the other runners in the race. America is the mightiest country in the world, and the candidates have to be just as powerful while standing on that pedestal and addressing the people.

You've got primaries, debates, strategic movements, and, of course, scandals, all of which define what the nation thinks about a certain candidate. It's a rush to the top, and the risks are pretty high as well. Some critics even say that presidential campaigns are the closest thing to a real-world war without actual bullets being fired. And it's really hard to argue with that claim.

Whistlestop is your perfect ticket behind the scenes, a journey into the world of tension, suspense, turning points, huge investments and constant prayers. The book's main idea is to show the readers that the candidates are regular human beings and they also get scared, insecure and can lose it sometimes. A presidential race takes dedication, passion and a whole lot of luck.

Whistlestop is an honest, down-to-earth look at the numerous stories behind the curtain, and it's an entertaining read, too! Despite the fact that the campaign builders are trying to introduce all kinds of new features and tricks, the defining elements of a successful presidential race have always been the same, and this book is a collection of the most memorable and influential moments in this country's campaign history.

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