Ilona Andrews is back with a brand-new novel in the bestselling Hidden Legacy franchise, ready to fascinate the readers with the official sequel that follows Rogan and Nevada in a world full of magic and mysteries. Their love is growing stronger by the minute, but will it withstand the harsh reality of the world they live in?

Nevada has a supernatural ability that she's keeping a secret: she can tell whenever folks are lying, and she's been using her unique skill (along with a lot of old-school detective work) to make sure her family's modest agency is well-respected and commercially successful. However, a new case that hits the table puts her on the other side of a new apocalypse.

The mysterious forces that devastated Houston in the past are back, and they're set on destroying everything they see on their way. Her investigation brings her closer to Rogan, a handsome bad-boy, a billionaire and a legendary magic user. They're calling people like him Primes, and Nevada can't "read" him, which is a rare thing. The stakes are higher than ever - the enemies are not open for negotiations and will recognize only rude, brutal force.

The fire between Rogan and Nevada is burning stronger than ever, but they need to put their fight for survival above anything else. The whole planet is in danger, and soon the two realize that they are the only ones who can confront the mighty foes and restore the shaky balance. White Hot is a brilliantly-written romantic fantasy that comes with a compelling world, a great plot and a fine line-up of charismatic characters.

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