White Trash by Nancy Isenberg

White-Trash-The-400-Year-Untold-History-of-Class-in-America-by-Nancy-IsenbergThe miserable and penniless people have existed in North America continent from the century of the earliest colonial village of Great Britain. Those colonists called by different names< and not always pleasant ones, including waste people or lazy lubbers. Sometimes they called offals and crackers. And the most intimidating name of all was rubbish.

Time goes on. By the middle of the 19th century, the oppressed people became the clay eaters. Another name for them was the sandhillers. The skin of their children was yellow, they dressed in rubbish. Those apathetic children became young adults very fast, so they can go to work as their parents.

In her book, Nancy Isenberg overturns postulate that the USA has a class-free society. She said that there was no social mobility in the USA, and it is absent even today. Moreover, "lazy lubbers" were the main force to the formation of the Republican Party. Even in a time of the Civil War people killed each other not only by slavery reason. It was the war of classes too. The Civil War was over long ago, but class problems remain.

Nancy Isenberg did a magnificent job. Her White Trash book tells the real US history. There was now time in America filled with freedom and everyone's equality. So, try to read the 400-year of the untold history of class in America.

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