Alyssa used to work for the former POTUS, Obama, for roughly about 10 years, long before he decided to join the presidential race. He used to be a well-respected senator in Congress prior to his terms in the Oval Office, and this woman was always right there next to him, trying to bring Good, Hope and real Change to the American folks.

She dedicated herself to the job and put a lot of effort into making this world a better place. Obviously, over the years, there were more than enough ridiculous/awkward/less-than-perfect situations that Alyssa had to take care of and pretty much save the day for the President. Secret climate talks, game-changing speeches under the rain, the lack of proper bathrooms in Vatican - you'll get to read about all of those stressful-yet-hilarious moments that only Alyssa can tell you about.

This really it a funny, uplifting and totally rewarding book, filled with never-heard-before stories, exclusive peeks into the Presidential routine, and so much more. You could call it a personal portrait of the first black president, a mighty book about people that get the job done no matter what and the modern-day heroes that, unfortunately, always stay in the shadows.

Alyssa herself is the cheerful woman that kept challenging every single person in the White House, thus making them better. If you want to learn how to be successful in politics, how to be a nice, caring person while finding the courage and confidence to stand your ground, Who Thought This Was a Good Idea will be a great "manual" for you. Hard work is what you need to get used to, and this smart, inspiring, motivating book is exactly what you need to jump-start your career.

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