who-we-were-before-by-leah-mercerZoe, the main character of Who We Were Before, a brand-new bestseller by Leah Mercer, is going through a rough patch. Everybody's telling her that it wasn't her fault, and she's also trying to convince herself that there wasn't anything she could do. It really wasn't her fault, and she can see that clearly, but she can't shake the feeling that if she could just run a bit faster, she might be able to save their son. Edward, her husband, doesn't blame her at all, however, those words he said to her back then still linger on, and there's no way for him to take them back, just like there was no way for Zoe to stop that car that hit their child.

It's been 2 years now, but the family is still mourning - every single day. Edward knows that the only way for them to heal, move on and start enjoying life again is to stick together and to go through it all together, but his wife just keeps shutting him out, and it's starting to frustrate him more and more.

Zoe found a way to cope with the pain - she's letting grief consume her, and there's nothing she wants (or can) to do about that. Still, the couple comes up with a new "plan" to fight this tragedy and decides to embark on a journey - a week in Paris, which is pretty much their last chance at finding harmony again and getting back to each other. They both want this to work, desperately, but they get separated even before they leave home.

Now, they're on their own, and both Zoe and Edward will have to find a way to get back to each other, to those bright, funny, happy people who they were before that terrible accident. But is there really a way to do that? Is it still possible for them to be happy in this life? Who We Were Before is a brilliant novel, a very deep, personal, powerful story about two regular people who are doing everything in their power to get back to who they were before.

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