why-not-me-by-mindy-kalingMindy Kaling is a gifted young woman: not only is she the author of an international bestseller, but she's also the star/creator of the amazing Mindy Project show. And now, she's back with Why Not Me?, a collection of deeply personal stories that are both insightful and insanely funny. In this book, the author shares her own story, her journey through life and constant attempts at finding meaning, excitement, and joy in her modern-day life. She's always "on the run", meeting new people, starting new projects, trying new things and, of course, falling in love.

Arguably, Mindy's biggest achievement to date is her big success in Hollywood when nobody really believed a girl that looks like "an outsider" could make it there. Every single essay/story tells about a certain part of her life, including her relationship with her boyfriend, the fact that the industry is obsessed with losing weight and looking like everybody else, her experience with love, hatred, betrayal, and inspiration.

At first, Why Not Me? feels like the perfect entertaining read for a couple of evenings: it's super funny, easy-to-grab, exciting and got a lot of "Hollywood secrets" in it. However, if you take another look, you'll see that Mindy Kaling wrote a very bold, free-minded, sarcastic book that might as well be the best one in the genre this year.

If you've ever been at a turning point, a defining moment in your life/career, then you would most certainly appreciate Mindy's tips, tricks, positive thoughts and that "Do your thing, baby" attitude. On the other hand, if you don't care about all that serious stuff and just wanna enjoy a smart, hilarious, addictive book, Kaling's latest effort would still be a great pick.

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