Mason is what you call a bad-boy and a playa: he's got a shredded body, dreamy eyes that the ladies love so much and a mighty bank account. Yes, he's pretty much the perfect guy, and no woman out there could ever "domesticate" him. They've tried, that's for sure, but he's still sitting on that high horse. However, sometimes, this fella goes too far and ends up regretting all those choices he made.

Right now he's married to a boring, soulless woman - they don't love each other, but the "allegiance" is important. Besides, if not for her, Mason's company would be belly up thanks to the numerous mistakes he made back in the day. He needs her to survive, but at the same time, he can't stand her, and there's nothing any of them can do about it. Hey, that's not the worst of it: there's a minx in the house, and she's constantly getting on his nerves.

It seems like all she cares about is teasing, tempting and driving the handsome guy crazy. She's waking up all kinds of thoughts inside that perverted head of his and there's no stopping them. The forbidden thoughts are tastier than ever, and Mason can't go on without thinking about her at least 100 times a day. Does it matter that he's 16 years older than her? Of course, it does! But not to him - or her.

Every single night they gather around the family table and share a meal, and Becca, the little brat, keeps "tantalizing" him. And after the supper is done, she goes upstairs into her room, leaving Mason one-on-one with the biggest temptation in his life. Are these two destined for a sizzling-hot affair, or will this tiny fling destroy them both? Wicked Lil' Brat is definitely one of the best books in the genre and Alexis Angel's finest novel to date. Love erotic romance? Then grab your copy!

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