The Weekday Brides franchise today is well-known, fan-favored, and includes 7 books. Wife by Wednesday is the very first installment in the series. Blake is wealthy, influential, respected and charming. He's got everything a man could dream of, except he really needs to have a wife by Wednesday.

It's an urgent matter, so, he turns to Elliot, a big pro; however, as it turns out, it's a she, not a he, and her name is Samantha. She's gorgeous, curvy, compelling and confident, which makes her a dream girl for the man. Sam is the owner of a company that specializes in matchmaking. Obviously, she's not one of the available candidates. Yet, Mr. Harrison makes her an offer she can't refuse: 10 million dollars (!) for a contract.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Yep, it is, and he doesn't want her to be his slave, submissive or anything like that. The deal is quite decent, but the proposal won't hang around forever, which means she'll have to make her decision fast. That kind of money will help her a lot. Besides, even though she doesn't want to admit it (especially to Blake himself), he's a very attractive man and has a special effect on her.

After they sign several papers, the two become man, and wife - for one year. The only inconvenience for the newly-baked wife is the fact that the fake husband is too attractive for his own good. The feeling is mutual, and as soon as they give into the all-consuming passion, there is no going back. After all, they are now officially married, right? But what if love destroys them both? Is it worth risking everything for - their careers and hearts?

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