Windwitch-By-Susan-DennardThe 21st century brought the fans countless thrilling fantasy novels about witches, wizards and all that breath-taking paranormal stuff. And the lovely Susan Dennard managed to "ignite" the genre with an original plot, a gripping narrative and a whole line-up of multi-layered, lovable characters. Windwitch, or as the official title claims - Prince Merik - is believed to be dead after a devastating blow breaks his glorious ship apart.

However, the man is still alive, and he's confident that his sister was behind it. All he wants to do now is prove that she betrayed him and make justice prevail. On his way towards the big capital, the prince walks through the countless refugees and haunts the thugs and vagabonds, defending the weak and the oppressed.

The accident left him with a huge scar, and the folks are now claiming that a mysterious demi-god is walking in the shadows and lending that much-needed hand to those that won't survive without it. Soon, a bounty is placed on Iseult, and the legendary Aeduan decides to find her first and take the prize. But, he could never expect her to offer him an appealing deal and turn him to her side.

She wants him to locate Safi. In return, she promises to bring him the stolen gold. So, the two start working together towards a mutual goal. The Witchlands are where they're headed, and the journey won't be an easy one, as both travelers have to constantly watch their backs. A terrifying war is coming, and Safi is the only one who can stop it. Windwitch is a page-turner, an original, exciting and un-put-down-able fantasy novel for the fans of the genre.

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