Tess Oliver wrote a powerful, emotional and simply awesome new romantic novel that the critics are calling one of the best releases of the year. Everything is the same in Butterfield: nothing new, nothing exciting. The fountain that used to be the tiny town's pride, joy and everything else in between, is now old and rusty, and it's only good for spitting out some sort of murky greenish water.

Right next to it stands the once-great pavilion, also shabby, dusted and full of rust. The town is slowly, but steadily turning into a relic, but the locals don't really pay much attention to it: they are busy with their daily routine, rushing back and forth, trying to make something of themselves. Their broken hearts, shattered souls, and unfulfilled desires must feel like a heavy load on their backs, but they still carry it with a smile on their faces.

Ella, the main character of this story, was riding her bicycle, heading towards the market to work when they came out of nowhere: two mysterious strangers, ridiculous yet charming. The first one was a tall, masculine guy with a smile to die for, and the second one had four legs and a funny tail. Who are they, exactly? Just a random guy and his lovely dog.

But they brought changes along, and that's what this place has been craving for. His name is Fynn, and he's here to bring some of that heart-warming light into this dark, cold town. His dog's name is Boone, and together they're ready to change the world for the better. First, he fixes the fountain; then, he meets Ella - the girl on the bike - and they fall in love with each other. Wingman is a wonderful novel of love, loss, faith, letting go of the past, moving on and second chances.

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