Kane is a bad-boy and a playboy - nothing more, nothing less. And, he's living for two things: baseball and gorgeous ladies. He's got 4 years to mess around and get the most out of his life because after that he'll have to take over his fam's mighty company. They're kinda demanding him to change his ways and start acting like a grown-up, and that means he's expected to bring a girl home.

Yep, the golden boy is in a pickle, but he's resourceful and it doesn't take him any effort to find a huge "line-up" of candidates - all shiny, bright and beautiful. Eliana has a mesmerizing smile, a great personality, and an ass to die for, and what starts as a fake relationship soon propels into something entirely different, something that Kane never even knew would be possible for him.

He makes her his fiancé just to impress dear old momma and poppa, but when they both end up at the altar all dressed up and happy, the guy knows that it's not a game of pretending anymore. It happened so fast, and it feels so good! Eliana is the perfect girl for him, the one and only lady that he's proud to call his soulmate. She bumped into his life like a huge wrecking ball, and now it's up to Kane to make her stay.

However, just when everything seems to be going exactly the way he wanted, a ticking bomb blows up and threatens to destroy this newly-found happiness. Will the two find the strength to make it through another scandal, or is their relationship destined for failure? Winning Streak comes with a cocky bad-boy, a sweet, gorgeous girl, a wonderful chemistry between the two, betrayals, scandals, love, hope, and, naturally, some hot-as-hell sex scenes.

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