This is a story about a gorgeous young woman and two destructively handsome bad-boys slash billionaires - twins. Who will she pick, and is there a chance for happily ever after for this trio? Inca is running a small business in her hometown, and the day the Winter brothers move to the picturesque Pacific Northwest townlet, fate brings them together.

She could never imagine that it would take her one look at the dashing fellas to fall in love and to lose her head over them. They grew up in Italy, raised by their local mom; at the same time, they've got billion-dollar-worth of riches in the United States - their dad left them his company. Now, even though they're twins, these gents are more different than any other brothers out there.

Tomas is a kind, loving, caring and friendly man, while Raffaelo is a classic bad-boy who only cares about himself and likes to keep his private life hidden. Eventually, the girl finds herself in the middle of a "sibling rivalry" and is forced to pick between two irresistible fellas. The bruvs are fighting each other and are doing everything in their power to win over her heart, but only she gets to choose who she wants to be with.

That's not even her biggest problem: Soon, people start to disappear and die all around Inca, including a close relative, and that makes her wonder whether the Winter brothers are as loyal and royal as she initially thought or if they're just a bunch of criminals...Winter is a thrilling, gripping and unbelievably naughty romantic novel for the fans of suspense, twists, turns, and extremely hot and sultry sex scenes.

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