winter-garden-by-kristin-hannahAs far as best-selling and ground-breaking authors go, Kristin Hannah is right there on top of every list. In these last couple of years, this woman wrote more chart-toppers than any other writer - male or female. Winter Garden is a heart-warming, heart-breaking and touching novel about the sacred mom-daughter relationship and the never-breaking bonds between the present and the long-forgotten past.

Nina and Meri are sisters, but they're as different as any siblings can be. One of the girls pursued her desires and traveled all over the globe to become a professional (and celebrated) journalist, while the other sis stayed in their hometown, took care of her kids and kept an eye on the apple orchard.

However, when their dad gets sick, the girls come together and stand side by side with their mom, Anya, the woman who never really cared about them and/or gave them any warmth, comfort or peace of mind. Back when they were kids, the only strong bond between them was a Russian tale that she sometimes told the sisters before they went to bed. The father of the family has one last wish: he wants Anya to read the fairytale to the girls one last time.

That's how Nina and Meri first hear about their mom's struggles in Leningrad back in WW2. It all happened more than 50 years ago, but she still can't forget the horrors of war. The sisters are about to learn a huge, terrifying secret that will turn their worlds upside down and make them question everything they believe in and stand for. Winter Garden is Kristin Hannah at her best: you've got a gripping, twisty plot, loveable, believable characters and a fast-paced narrative.

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