winterbay-abbey-by-john-bladekWill's career as an architect is falling to pieces, but he's got one last chance to do something about it. He's planning to design a breath-taking restoration for an ancient abbey - the Winterbay Abbey, to be exact. It looks great, and its location is perfect for a 5-star hotel for the most fortunate. However, the local folks don't particularly love that decades-old Gothic building and prefer to stay away from it.

Soon, Will becomes witness to a drowning on the abbey's territory, but - for some reason - the cops don't care about it and are not even going to open a case. So, he starts his own investigation, trying to figure out the real truth behind the accident, and that's when he begins to discover blood-chilling secrets and centuries-old lies behind the walls of this ancient monastery.

The man's wife, Emily, claims that the sight of a drowning is simply a ghostly replay of something that happened a long time ago. And their investigation into this God-forsaken place's scary history turns into a struggle against the abbey's dark curses. So, now they’re running for their lives, trying to survive the horrors of the past. Winterbay Abbey is an adrenaline-pumping ghost tale, a modern-day Gothic mystery/suspense thriller.

It will keep you up all night and you won't even be able to go to sleep after you "witness" the terror that goes on in the Abbey. The dynamic duo of John Bladek and the charming Davonna Juroe created a gripping bestseller for the true fans of the genre. As far as dreadful old convents, shocking revelations, and ancient curses go, Winterbay Abbey is definitely in the top-3. Still want to figure out what really happened there? Then grab a copy of the book and enjoy!

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