Wintersong is a mesmerizing mix of darkness and light, ugliness and beauty, music and magic, and it comes with a fascinating ending that will linger on long after you finish the book. As far as compelling, marvelous and engaging virtual worlds go, S. Jae-Jones's brand-new dark fantasy is on top of the line. Growing up, Liesl heard all kinds of stories about the handsome and valiant Goblin King.

These tales have turned her into a dreamy, spirited, musically-gifted individual. Today she's an 18-year-old gorgeous young lady and she's helping her fam run the inn. Yet, she can't stop thinking about her childhood dreams of becoming a worldwide musical phenomenon. She feels like all that is in the past now and all she's destined for is working at that inn.

However, when the King takes her sis away, Liesl embarks on a dangerous journey to the scary underground just to try and save her and keep her from harm's way. The mysterious, captivating and hazardous world captivates her, and the strange man that reigns over it enchants her. Soon, Liesl will have to make an impossible decision that will greatly affect her future. Time is running out, and she's racing against it, hoping to discover her true self and true potential before it's too late.

Wintersong is a beauteous novel for the teens and young adults that invites all the readers into a breath-taking world of magical creatures and musical genius, a world that will get you hooked up from the get-go. It's deliciously romantic, unforgettably beautiful and is both thought-provoking and relaxing. If you love unique and blood-rushing fantasy, make sure to grab a copy of Wintersong and dive into S. Jae-Jones's vivid imagination.

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