With-Love-From-The-Inside-By-Angela-PiselThis is Angela Pisel's brilliant debut novel that talks about a complicated "communication" between a mom and her kiddo, her daughter - their hopes, dreams, and transgressions. Grace, the main character of this poignant book, is "lucky" enough to know exactly when she'll leave this world. She's on the death row for the alleged killing of her own baby boy, and February 15th will be her last day on planet Earth.

It's been 11 years since she's seen her lovely daughter's face, and she can't die without telling her the real truth. Her countless appeals lead to nothing, so, she puts all her efforts into trying to mend her relationship with Sophie. At the same time, the girl's going through a rough patch as well.

She's got a big, gorgeous house, and a handsome sum in her bank account, but the secrets of the past are threatening to destroy everything she holds dear. Every single day, she worries that her fake life will crumble and fall to pieces. She's got a husband that loves her, but even he doesn't know that her mom killed her brother and that she's about to be executed.

Yet, she has to face the past and revisit the horrifying events that used to haunt her every night. And when she goes back to her tiny hometown, she finds new shocking evidence about her brother's terrifying death. This might save Grace, her mom, from the death sentence, but it could also destroy her own marriage. So, now Sophie has to make an impossible choice between exonerating her mom and ruining her own life. She needs to decide who Grace is - a loving, caring mother who was wrongfully condemned or a monster that deserves to die.

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