Joel C. Rosenberg, a bestselling author, is known for delivering top-notch political thrillers that are most likely to keep you up all night. The President of America is confident that ISIS is crushed by the allied forces and that the remaining terrorists are on the run.

The US military is picking them up one by one and is close to eradicating the threat. The President is about to deliver an important speech, but Collins, a reendowed NY Times reporter, claims that POTUS is wrong about his calculations and that the enemy is stronger and more dangerous than he's ever been. The whole Middle-Eastern region is devastated, the Israeli prime minister is murdered, and countless cities are in ruins.

Collins is afraid that the terrorists are planning a terrifying attack on American soil, and there's no way of preventing it. He tries to convince the President that the only way to prevent the attack and to stop the madmen from killing innocent US citizens is to capture and/or put down Abu Kahlif, the leader of the whole organization.

Now, the biggest question is - will the leader of the free world listen to the reporter and act immediately? If he fails to take matters into his own hand, ISIS will take many lives, and they'll never stop hurting the United States unless they cut the head of the snake. Without Warning is an adrenaline-charged, mind-blowing political thriller that takes on the current events to create an overwhelming picture of the modern-day world. This is another masterpiece by Joel C. Rosenberg and a must-have for the fans of the genre.

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