Welcome to 20th century London, ladies, and gentlemen. It's 1944, and the story follows two beautiful nurses who come across each other with a common goal: to help the men fight the war against the Nazis. All Scarlet can think about is finding her missing lover, her fiancé, and to prove to herself and to the entire world that she's got what it takes to find Thomas and bring him back.

Ellie is a gifted nurse, but she comes from a different background, and, even though she's trying to act tough, she's just as scared and doesn't have a clue as to what she'll have to deal with in the war-torn France. While in Normandy, the two young ladies meet Lucy, a woman who's got more experience than Ellie and Scarlet combined.

She's been through a lot and knows exactly what kind of a "profession" she's picked. She's courageous and hard-boiled, but the nurse is still just as afraid and horrified by the thought that none of them will make it out of this mess alive. War is an unforgiving thing, and it doesn't care about anything but death. WW2 is the greatest war in history, and it pushes these brave women to their limit, shocking them with terror and horror.

Ellie, her friend Scarlet and the inspiring Lucy must confide in and rely on each other if they want to survive the war against the Germans and go back home safe and sound. Friendship is a powerful thing, and, if they stick together, they might just do the impossible - find what they're looking for and live to see another day. Wives of War is a heart-warming and heart-wrenching historical drama, a stunning and mesmerizing novel about love, faith, friendship, and resilience.

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