The critics are calling Woman on the Edge of Time a classic novel, one of the best in the genre and a highly entertaining read. This is an epic, grandiose book, a gripping, un-put-down-able masterpiece that is a must-read for the folks who appreciate thought-provoking and prophetic novels. Connie is an American woman of Mexican descent who's forced to live on the unforgiving streets of the greatest city on planet Earth - NY.

Back in the day, she used to be a driven, motivated, proud woman with a great husband and a beautiful kid, but today she's a nobody, a person without dignity, and the only thing that she's got left is her sanity. They commit her to a terrifying mental institution, but, just when the woman is ready to give up and break down, a mysterious figure gets in contact with her from 2137.

That person shows her a beautiful world where people of all nationalities, religion, skin color, age and sexuality are equals. Furthermore, the environment is clean, people are happy and there are countless opportunities for someone like her. At the same time, Connie also sees another potential reality: a sick new society where the rich are getting richer and the poor are treated as nothing more than a commodity.

The two worlds can't coexist - only one will become a reality, and it's up to Connie to decide which one. Will she be able to overcome all the obstacles on her way and ensure a bright and prosperous future? Piercy wrote an ambitious, provocative story, a mesmerizing, fascinating novel that never gets old. If you love science fiction and books that talk about inequality, oppression, and brutality in a new, unusual way, make sure to check Woman on the Edge of Time out.

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