Urban romance is the hottest genre right now, and Woman To Woman is one of the finest novels out there. If you love sexy black ladies and rough-tough fellas, then this best-seller is for you. Damon is a prosperous businessman with a gorgeous house, all kinds of off-the-top cars and a beautiful fiancé that loves him to death. Tiana, the woman of his life, is pregnant, and she's expecting a baby soon.

In the past, she suffered through 2 miscarriages, so, this pregnancy is very important to her and to her future husband. From afar, these two seem like the perfect couple waiting to welcome their first kid together into this world. The wedding is right around the corner, and everything is going exactly the way it should be. However, it's not all bright colors and rainbows, and Damon has a son from a previous relationship.

Bridgette, his first kiddo's mother, is a disaster, and she threatens to destroy his new life with Tiana. Bridge calls her on the phone and thus sets a chain of events in motion that could very well devastate her wedding, her baby, and her future. Damon's ex is obsessed with him, and her craziness is getting out of control. And she doesn't give a shit about the fact that he's moved on and has a new woman by his side now.

She's ready to throw her out and take her place. So, she tells Tiana that she's also carrying his child, hoping to confuse and scare her away. The biggest question is - will the future husband and wife be able to overcome all the obstacles towards their happiness and "fight back" Bridgette's attacks? An obsessed woman is the most dangerous thing, and she's ready to do whatever it takes just to get what she wants. Woman To Woman is a gripping, thrilling and exciting urban novel for the fans.

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