Women in Love is an epic romantic novel by the esteemed English writer, D. H. Lawrence. It was first released back in 1920 and is the direct sequel to the author's The Rainbow that came out in 1915. The fan-favorite Brangwen sisters, two brave, honest women, are the main characters of the story, and the readers get to follow their hopes, dreams, ups, and downs.

Gudrun is a gifted artist, and she's deeply and madly in love with Gerald, an industrialist. The affection is destructive for both of them, but they can't get themselves to cut ties and move on. At the same time, Ursula, her sister, is enjoying the nice, peaceful life with Rupert, an estranged intellectual whose ideas and opinions are those of the author himself. Soon, the two men meet, and their mutual respect and affection turn into a physical attraction that threatens to destroy what they have with the Brangwen sisters.

The contrast between these three love stories is the core of the novel. The book is 536 long, but it's not a boring romance: it comes with numerous insights into the way of living in the beginning of the 20th century and contains Lawrence's progressive, ahead-of-their-time ideas that are equally relevant today, in the 21st century.

The book had to go through a lot of obstacles before finally being published: it took the publisher three years of delays and re-edits to finally let it see the light of day. Furthermore, it was banned from the United Kingdom for 11 years, as the themes of sexuality and attraction between men were considered to be immoral. And finally, several writers/publishers accused Lawrence of "stealing" their ideas. However, today Women in Love is being called a vital novel for understanding the "moral atmosphere" of the 20th-century England.

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