Women-In-Science-By-Rachel-IgnotofskyWomen in Science is a must-have book for the science fans out there who want to learn about extraordinary ladies who dedicate their whole lives to making this world a better place. Rachel Ignotofsky, the author, talks about 50 fearless pioneers who changed the world and still managed to be loving wives, mothers, and daughters. After reading this book you'll learn the universal truth - women do rock and they are super cool!

This is an educational, inspiring collection of biographies and memoirs that come with beautiful illustrations that allow the readers to get a better glance at the lives and work of these phenomenal ladies. If you ever wanted to learn about the most amazing women who made significant contributions to engineering, technology, science and, of course, mathematics, from the ancient times to the very last developments, this book would be a perfect purchase for you.

Women in Science also comes with tons of infographics about all kinds of interesting facts, like how many women are currently involved in the aforementioned fields, how does the most basic lab equipment work and a bunch of scientific words that might come in handy. The list of rocking ladies includes internationally know figures like Marie Curie and some lesser-known bright minds that still made some magical things happen.

Women in Science is a celebration, a recognition of the insanely gifted women who are an inspiration for the young girls, the next generation of ladies who strive to succeed in engineering, physics, mathematics, biology and more. This book will be a great way to spend some quality time with your kids and learn about some awesome stuff. The short, uplifting stories backed up by the numerous illustrations will make the process that much more exciting!

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